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UV Lamp for CD/DVD Printing Line and Replication Line

Min. order: 1 Piece
Trade Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Model NO.: Hanky,Guann Yinn,Kammann,Dubit,Singulus,Steag,etc

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: Hanky,Guann Yinn,Kammann,Dubit,Singulus,Steag,etc
  • Model: All Kinds of CD/DVD Printing and Replication Line
  • Power: 1800W; 3000W; 3600W; 4500W; etc
  • Applied Machine: Hank; Guann Yinn; Singulus; M2; etc
  • Export Markets: Global
Additional Info
  • Origin: China
Product Description

We supply all kinds of UV lamp for CD/DVD printing lines and replication lines.
The models are below: 1. Hanky UV lamp(16/135, 36/150, 45/150); 2. Guann
Yinn UV lamp(36/150, 18/150); 3. DUBUIT UV lamp(8MD2); 4. Lamin UV lamp
(36/150); 5. Singulus UV lamp(DQ2223, 32100391, 31102531) 6. Kammann UV
Lamp(200U/A); 7. M2 UV lamp(CS222823, CS222825); 8. Steag UV lamp (150HG200, 150HG270); 9. KM UV lamp(1022, 1322, 1522).

And we also can supply UV lamp of other models and supply UV lamp according to your requirements(sizes, power, voltage, current, etc).

Applied  Machine Product  Name SPECIFICATION
HANK                          UV  Lamp  16/135
  UV  Lamp  45/150
GUANN  YINN  UV  Lamp  36/150
  UV  Lamp  18/150
  UV  Lamp  32100391
  UV  Lamp  31102531
  UV  Lamp  32101001
KM UV  Lamp  1022
  UV  Lamp  12923
  UV  Lamp  1322
  UV  Lamp  1522-0
  UV  Lamp  1522-28
M2 UV  Lamp  DUV-35W
  UV  Lamp  AM3774X(CS222823)
  UV  Lamp  CS222825
4M UV  Lamp  10101988(Q1800)
ODME UV  Lamp  4/120
  UV  Lamp  1KW  230
KAMMANN            UV  Lamp  200u/A
TON  HAO                UV  Lamp  32/135
PIONEER                  UV  Lamp  20/100
DUBIT                          UV  Lamp  8MD2
STEAG  HAMATECH    UV  Lamp  2026-1
  UV  Lamp  150HG200
  UV  Lamp  150HG270
Other  Flam  Lamp          HOK1000/20
  Flam  Lamp          215
  Flam  Lamp          270